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Council elections results

The full results of the 2018 Council elections, as confirmed at the AGM on Monday 21 May 2018, are as follows:

Deputy President

Candidate No. of votes Percentage
Andrew Thompson CEng FIChemE 1132 56.8% ELECTED
Max Lu AO FIChemE 861 43.2%  

Vice President (International)

Candidate No. of votes  Percentage   
Thomas White CEng MIChemE 1224 63.4% ELECTED
Michael Cloke CEng FIChemE 708 36.6%

Ordinary Member of Council

Candidate No. of votes Percentage  
Wendy Wilson CEng MIChemE 1106 52.4% ELECTED
Keith Plumb CEng CSci FIChemE 652 30.9% ELECTED
Macsene Isles-Ahite CEng MIChemE 576 27.3% ELECTED
Mark Sutton CEng FIChemE 439 20.8% ELECTED
Peter Hunt CEng FIChemE 392 18.6%
Christopher Chambers CEng FIChemE 319 15.1%
Stefaan Simons CEng FIChemE 318 15.1%
Nigel Hirst CEng FIChemE 301 14.3%
Alan Harper CEng CSci CEnv FIChemE 283 13.4%
Lakshan Saldin CEng FIChemE 258 12.2%
David Edwards CEng CSci FIChemE 251 11.9%
Ian Davies CEng FIChemE 222 10.5%
Brett Mahar CEng MIChemE 203 9.6%
Michael Burcher CEng FIChemE 174 8.3%
Michael Hancock CEng FIChemE 96 4.6%

*The percentage column shows the percentage of members who participated in the ballot who voted for that candidate.

The turnout in this election was 16.6%.

As announced at the AGM, Mr Mark Sutton, who received the fourth highest number of votes in the elections for Ordinary Member, has been co-opted by Council to fill the vacancy caused by Professor Lynn Gladden standing down following her appointment as Executive Chair of EPSRC.


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